Landscape Mixed Media Paintings


Photo collage based mixed media landscape paintings by Stella Pagani

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All of Stellas photo based paintings use unique one of a kind photos taken by Stella Pagani. Photos are then printed and collaged together and painted and pasteled on top, creating a unique mixed media work of art. Each Painting will have between 1-30 unique photos collaged to make a single painting composition. All mixed media works are sealed with UV protective varnish to insure they never lift or alter. All photography rights are held by Stella Pagani

IMG_4829IMG_4828IMG_5269IMG_6117IMG_5248IMG_5559IMG_5561IMG_4855IMG_5266IMG_6114IMG_6331IMG_6138IMG_5768IMG_6849IMG_5270IMG_5268IMG_5267IMG_613175844E6B-D578-49BA-94F9-FE0C9A070A01IMG_6116IMG_5268IMG_5757IMG_61325B17ED30-904F-4B0F-A911-5F4E0D4632BDVersion 2

Single image mixed media works on paper

unnamedIMG_9216IMG_9277IMG_9203IMG_9218IMG_9219IMG_9223IMG_9189IMG_9226IMG_9221 2IMG_9225 - Version 2IMG_8681

Multiple image collage mixed media works on paper with acrylic paint

cropped-img_7397.jpgphoto (6)IMG_7395IMG_7397IMG_7403IMG_7405