Relive your memories

“…Lost memories, treasured photos, special days, links to the past…” Dream up your own commission using your precious photos of family, friends, pets, events, or even your own treasured objects!  The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Paintings make fantastic gifts that are truly unique and intimate to whom and what your care most about.  I can use your beloved photographs, or I can photograph a place or item near and dear to your heart to create an original work of art.

Please see below for examples of past commissions. As well as frequently asked questions about “the painted photograph” process.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What materials do you use? I use: pine-wood artist panels or Artist paper, Xeroxed colour photocopy of your personal photographs or images from my archive, archival adhesive and acrylic paint, pastels, crayons, grease pencils, permanent markers and sometimes spray-paint.

What are the size ranges that you can accommodate? I am very accommodating with size, working with anything from 5×7 inches – 10ft x 10 ft I can also do home murals but that would be a separate conversation.

How much do the panels weigh? The wood panels that I use are very light often weighing between 5 and 15 pounds. Paper Painting would need to be framed so the weight would depend on your frame.

How much do the art works cost? For commissions prices vary based on afew elements. Primarily size and hours of work But materials, number of photos, and turn around time are large factors. Most large (3×5 feet) commissions run between $500.00-$2000.00 for artworks under 6ft x 6ft on wood. On paper with 3 images or more we ushaly start around $250 But please contact me with your ideas and I can give you a more detailed quote. If you are looking for smaller artworks with one image size 8×10″ on paper or wood panel they start at $125.oo

Where are you based out of? Wakefield Quebec, Canada. 25 min out of downtown Ottawa

Can you ship artwork though-out Canada and Internationally? Yes, because they are on wood panels or paper the artwork ships nicely.  We will just need to work out shipping.

How long does it take to make my painting? Most large artworks often the painting will be done between 4 to 6 weeks. Small ones there is a 2/3 week turn around.

Do you only do paintings? No I have also done wall murals, Dishware (Plates, Bowls, Mugs ) and Body painting. I Also have a degree in Photography so I do alot of family and pre pregnancy photoshoots.

 -What I will need from you and how we get started on your new one-of-a-kind work of art!

Step 1. If we are using YOUR special  treasured photos we will need to choose 3-10 that work well together, ones that can be collaged into a nice information that lends itself to a complementary collaging formation.

at this time we will also discuss the desired size of the art work. Please note All artworks are done on pine wood panels or Artist paper as they are photo based and must be done on a hard surface. (NOTE. the wood panels are not heavy they often weigh between 5 and 10 pounds.)

For example -> Step 1 – Choosing photos


step 2. Once the most complementry images are chosen I make zeroxes of them so as not to damage the originals and to gain the desired size for the panel. (Note in most cases i will blow up the size of the photographs when working on frames larger then 3 feet.)


At this point we are deciding on the composition of the art work on the panel.


Step 3. Composition has been determined and the images have been glued down with special archival adhesive. This part is very messy 😛



Step 4. This is my favourite  part! Painting and combining


Step 5. Finished product for happy client! 




Examples of past commissionsunnamed-2thumbnail_IMG_6940thumbnail_IMG_6343thumbnail_IMG_6341unnamed-3



IMG_2466Series of 4 paintings for patron’s 3 children of the family farm




photo (6)













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