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stella the artist

Stella is a Graduate of OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario receiving a BFA double major in Photography and Drawing & Painting in 2010. Stella also received a certificate from George Brown College in the field of Graphic Design in 2007. Since then she has participated in multiple Group and Solo shows throughout her career.

Stella’s mixed-media work often focuses on travel and personal/found objects. Their relation to memories invokes evolution of character and soul between the past and present. Often awakening feelings of nostalgia, her paintings incorporate a blurred overtone, text, photo, collage, and paint. A keen love for the objects and places that she has personally experienced and documented, helps to play out a dream-like sequence of memories, allowing the viewer to get lost in her work.

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Stella Pagani Artistic Curriculum Vitae

 903 River Side Drive Wakefield Quebec JOX 3G0. Mobile. 416 629 6504.

Email. thepaintedphotograph@gmail.com

www.thepaintedphotograph.com – http://www.Vortexstudio.ca

Instagram- @thepaintedphotograph @vortex_studio

Facebook Page- @thepaintedphotograph @vortexstudio


  • 2007-2010 – BFA, Ontario College of Art and Design University Major Photography, Major Painting and Drawing
  • 2006-2007 – George Brown College Major in Graphic Design
  • 2004-2005 – Central Technical School Art Program, Toronto Ontario

Volunteer Work

  • 2010-2010 AGO Art Education Internship, Toronto Ontario
  • 2008-2009 Head of Fundraising Photo Thesis, Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto Ontario
  • 2007-2008 X Space board of curators, Toronto Ontario
  • 2004-2005 AGO Youth Counsel, Toronto Ontario

    Related Work

  • 2017-Current     Owner & Operator Vortex Art Studio, Wakefield Quebec
  • 2015-2017         Event Host/ Teacher, Manager Paint Nite, Toronto Ontario
  • 2015-2017        Event Host & Teacher, Owner, The painted Photograph Workshop, Toronto Ontario
  • 2012-2014       Gallery Director, Art Auctioneer, Park West Gallery, Abroad Cruise Ships
  • 2012- 2012       Studio Assistant for Thom Sokoloski, Toronto Ontario
  • 2011-2012       Body Painter and photographer for Picasso Painters Events, Toronto Ontario
  • 2010 -2010     Installation Attendant “Bringing home the Tar Sands” By Allison
  • Rowe, Harbor Front Center, Toronto Ontario
  • 2010-2010       Luminato Ship O’ Fools George Bures Miller and Janet cardiff.          Attendant,  Toronto Ontario
  • 2007-2008       Private One-on-One Art classes, Toronto Ontario
  • 2007-2008       Art Scape, Gabolter Point Artist in Residence, general
  • maintenance, tours and Event Planning, Prep . Toronto Island


  • 2010               Cross Medial Artists Residency Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani,           Ontario Collage of Art and Design University, Toronto, Ontario
  • 2008            Orlan week long workshop, Ontario Collage of Art and Design, Toronto, Ont
  • 2005            Harbour Front Centre, four day studio workshop, Toronto, Ontario

             Solo Exhibition

  • 2018               Molo’s Café, Wakefield Quebec
  • 2013          Artists in their environments studio tour co- show with john Pagani, Chelsey/ Wakefild Quebec
  • 2012         Le Hebue, Black is the night, Wakefild Quebec
  • 2011          Le Hebue, Yours is mine, Wakefild Quebec
  • 2009          2 of 2 Gallery, Divinity Drops, Toronto Ontario
  • 2009               Wakefest, Divinity Drops, Wakefild Quebec

                                                           Group Exhibition

  • 2015                 Raw Artist Showcase, Sensory Exchange, Toronto Ontario
  • 2017                 Varsity Brown, Toronto Ontario
  • 2013                 Creasers Creating, Group of 3, Toronto Ontario
  • 2012                 Le Hebue , Circus, Wakefild Quebec
  • 2011                 Oz Gallery, Group of 30 Show, Toronto Ontario
  • 2010                 X Space, Art Education Show, Toronto Ontario
  • 2010                 Gallery Mauve, Erotica, Chelsea Quebec
  • 2009                 Switch Gallery, T-This, Toronto Ontario
  • 2009                 Ontario Collage of Art and Design University, Graduate Exhibition,         Toronto Ontario
  • 2008 Steam Whistle Brewery, Hotshots, Toronto Ontario
  • 2007 Galleries Cachee, Art, Wakefield Quebec
  • 2005 Central Technical School, Grad show, Toronto Ontario
  • 2005 AGO, Apolstry Melisa installation, Toronto Ontario
  • 2005 Toronto GTA, upholstery Melisa Installation, Toronto Ontario
  • 1994 ID Gallery, Christmas Show, Toronto Ontario

Private commissions

  • 2018                 Victoria Fleming
  • 2018                 Allison Hale
  • 2017                 MC Pilon
  • 2017                 Lorri Morison
  • 2017                 Katrina gonzalas
  • 2016                 Allison Hale
  • 2016                 Courtney Dareves
  • 2016                 Melanie Farquair
  • 2015                 Ivan Hale
  • 2015                 Julieanne Percelle
  • 2015                 Katie Nacarado
  • 2014                  Claire Orange
  • 2014                 Becki Cudmore

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